outreach programs

farmer trainings & workshops

Two of the biggest deterrents for Indian organic farmers are a lack of awareness about scientific organic farming principles and the high cost of entry that is typically associated with undertaking new methods of cultivation. Through our workshops and seminars, we attempt to reach out to the wider Indian agricultural community and introduce them to the concept of traditional low-cost natural farming. We teach farmers various cost-effective, healthful techniques that include the use of organic fertilizers, crop rotation, indigenous seeds and several other methods that have been extensively studied by our experts. In doing so, we aim to eliminate the financial concerns that are currently plaguing India’s farmers and reintroduce them to sustainable, economically viable farming practices. We also hope to drive home the idea that organic, traditional farming can and should be the preferred option for farmers and consumers, and that these practices can prove as beneficial for farmers as they are for consumers in the long and short term.

Through these conferences, farmers may learn about ways to implement sustainable farming practices, learn the precepts of traditional low-cost natural farming as advocated by Banyan Roots, discuss challenges and investigate new opportunities. Farmer conferences are an important way for Banyan Roots to keep expanding our community and give farmers the tools, know-how, resources and support they need to transition to traditional low-cost natural farming. Banyan Roots also advocates the many virtues of preserving indigenous crops and seeds to farmers by way of these activities.

consumer sweat donation camps

One of our primary motivations when establishing Banyan Roots was to create stronger ties between consumers and those involved in producing the food they eat. Through our Sweat Donation activity, we hope to help forge these bonds by giving visitors the unique opportunity to be actively involved in the various processes that go into preparing the food that eventually reaches their tables. From tilling the land to sowing seeds to learning about how to nurture and care for the crop, we offer you the chance to do it all. Our Sweat Donation programme is especially well suited to families with young children, as it encourages young minds to become more aware about what they eat and make conscious choices in their later lives. You can also learn just how fulfilling it is to be a part of the organic cultivation process that treats the land and the crop grown on it with love and respect. Through it all, treat yourself to home-style, traditional meals prepared with organic produce grown on the very lands you are working on.

Your Sweat Donation experience will be guided by trained experts in keeping with your own physical abilities. You can work at your own pace – our emphasis is on creating a memorable, enjoyable experience.

organic terrace gardening workshops

For urban Indian consumers, the want to switch to organic, all-natural produce is often overpowered by the lack of availability of these foods. Another concern for consumers is the soaring prices that organic produce is typically associated with. Our Organic Terrace Gardening initiative attempts to challenge and change the status-quo by giving Indian consumers the tools, knowledge and techniques they need to grow their own food on their own rooftops. Our experts will work with Indian consumers who are eager to seek a better, more healthful way, and train them to be able to set up their very own fully-functional organic farm, regardless of their past agricultural expertise. From providing organic fertilizers and indigenous seeds, to disseminating information about the most cost and time-effective techniques, our outreach programme can help families to become self-sufficient to a great extent as regards their dietary needs, and also gives city-weary individuals a chance to reconnect with Nature without leaving the comfort and convenience of their urban homes.