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sweat donation

One of our primary motivations when establishing Banyan Roots was to create stronger ties between consumers and those involved in producing the food they eat. Through our Sweat Donation activity, we hope to help forge these bonds by giving visitors the unique opportunity to be actively involved in the various processes that go into preparing the food that eventually reaches their tables. From tilling the land to sowing seeds to learning about how to nurture and care for the crop, we offer you the chance to do it all. Our Sweat Donation programme is especially well suited to families with young children, as it encourages young minds to become more aware about what they eat and make conscious choices in their later lives. You can also learn just how fulfilling it is to be a part of the organic cultivation process that treats the land and the crop grown on it with love and respect. Through it all, treat yourself to home-style, traditional meals prepared with organic produce grown on the very lands you are working on.

Your Sweat Donation experience will be guided by trained experts in keeping with your own physical abilities. You can work at your own pace – our emphasis is on creating a memorable, enjoyable experience.


jaivik kutumbh: farmers and consumers club

One of our immediate priorities at Banyan Roots is to take our initiatives beyond the confines of the specific farmers we are engaged with, to the wider community. Our goal is to help eliminate the misconception that natural, organic food that is produced using indigenous, and yet scientifically approved, techniques is an alternative to the mainstream – in fact, our immediate vision is to establish organic produce and all-natural farming techniques as the new mainstream. This philosophy guides our various outreach programmes, through which we hope to popularise organic farming with Indian farmers, generate awareness about the health, environmental and social benefits of organic, indigenous farming among urban consumers, and reintroduce traditionally-produced food as a safe, cost-effective and dependable substitute for mass-manufactured supermarket produce.

Our Jaivik Kutumbh programme encompasses various cities and farms across the country, and are aimed at both educating and enabling traditional farmers, and informing urban consumers about simple measures they can take to make more healthful food choices. These programmes are led by organic farming experts who have hands-on experience in working with local farming communities, and understand the precise concerns and challenges associated with organic farming in India.

If you would like to be a part of our Jaivik Kutumbh programme or are interested in bringing Banyan Roots to a village or farming community near you, do call us at XXX XXX XXX or email us at to initiate a conversation. We also welcome volunteers to join us and be a part of our transformative cause, so do let us know if you’d like to contribute your time to Banyan Roots.