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experience traditional farming

At Banyan Roots, we believe that producing food should involve the entire community. Our goal is to bridge the divide between rural farmers and urban consumers with a slew of initiatives that are aimed at encouraging urban consumers to reconnect with Nature, and be a part of their food’s journey from the farm to the table. We believe that it is only when consumers are involved in producing organic foods that they will truly appreciate the importance of traditional farming practices that are backed by scientific understanding, and how food that is produced naturally, without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides can prove beneficial for their health and wellbeing.

In addition to forming a closer connection with farms and farming practices, we hope that these experiences will help urban consumers to better understand and appreciate the people who work tirelessly to nourish and feed urban families. This is why Banyan Roots Experiences also encompass community interactions that embed urban consumers in the heart of India’s hinterlands. In doing so, we hope to help change any misconceptions that urban dwellers may have about rural, agrarian India and form deeper bond with tribal and village populations. At the same time, these interactions will also give visitors a relaxing experience away from the chaos and mayhem of everyday city life, and explore India at her all-natural, pristine best. From eating traditional, home-style organic food, to participating in local activities to simply kicking back and relaxing with friends and family, there are several ways in which visitors can make the best of Banyan Roots Experiences.

traditional farm stays

Our farm stays are especially designed for individuals, groups and families seeking an all-natural, earthy getaway alternative. All-Indian experiences that include firewood-cooked food, rural dwellings and native traditions, these stays have been especially created to offer visitors a taste of the country in the manner of traditional farmers. Visitors are invited to explore farms and be a part of the various activities that form a part of the food value chain. Get your hands stained with dirt as you care for crop that will eventually yield quality, nutritive food, learn about traditional, sustainable farming practices and discover how food can be grown and cared for without the use of chemicals. These stays can be tailored to be as engaged or relaxed as you would like them to be. They are best suited to groups of friends, colleagues and families that want to take some time off the beaten road, and reconnect with the common roots that bind them to the wider Indian community – urban and rural.

duration: Customized
cost: INR 3,750 per person
note: Children below 5 years of age will not be charged

tribal living

Interact with tribal communities in India’s hinterlands, and understand their customs and traditions. Experience life in the manner of the country’s often overlooked populations, learn their languages, listen to their music, taste their cuisine, and gain a first-hand view of the concerns that matter the most to them. Witness the many hues of India as you take some time away from your everyday routine. Explore the rugged terrain of the Aravalli, Vindhya, Satpura and Sahyadri ranges, live in traditional tribal dwellings and experience life that is bereft of urban conveniences but endowed with the warmth of happy smiles. Before you leave, make sure to shop for traditional artefacts created by local artisans, including silver jewellery, mirror-embroidered and woven fabrics, lacquer work, terracotta horses and ornate daggers. Our Tribal Stays are a complete cultural immersion. The fact that these tribes reside in some of India’s most beautiful locales will only further accentuate your experience.

duration: 2 days and 2 nights
cost: INR 7,500 per person, INR 3,750 for children below 12 years
note: children below 5 years of age will not be charged

village outback

Get a first-hand look into everyday life in India’s most secluded frontiers. Our half-day Village Outback excursion guides you through remote villages near Udaipur, giving you the opportunity to interact with tribal communities, and understand their traditions and culture. Experience India’s hinterlands like never before as you explore ancient temples and hidden tribal shrines. At the same time, learn about all-natural indigenous organic farming techniques – the tours are guided by our organic farming experts, who are actively involved with the local farming communities and work tirelessly with them to promote the cause of natural, organic farming and support their endeavours. Visitors will also have the opportunity to interact with self-help groups of tribal women engaged in growing organic vegetables. Your tour will culminate at an elegant country house, where you can relax with a steaming cup of tea and traditional snacks as you prepare to head back to your everyday life.

duration: Half Day
cost: INR 1,000 per person
note: Children below 5 years of age will not be charged